I have been crisscrossing Sub-Saharan Africa for the last 16 years, preaching revival wherever I go. I have put all my efforts and resources into these ministry trips because I believe that the last great revival spoken about in the Book of Joel will start in Africa. There is a hunger for revival and need for God in Africa that is not seen in other areas of the world. Because of this, there is a greater response and willingness to not only receive the message but to spread it throughout their community and the rest of their country. I believe that the fire that starts there is what God will use to bring revival to the rest of the world, and ultimately, back to America.

We are implanting that same vision across Africa by igniting churches and teaching them how to carry the fire on to others. In most cases, we hold 2 to 3-day meetings in churches, many of which are in places where no one else will go, distributing Bibles and booklets with the message of Four Steps to Revival. Once the fire has been ignited in one place, we move to the next, spreading the message over a wide area that is often forgotten by other international evangelists. Thus far, I have ministered in hundreds of churches in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Nigeria, the Congo, Liberia, Sudan and Cape Verde.

Hundreds of churches have been ignited — many have doubled and tripled in souls in a matter of weeks — new churches are being planted, and whole villages have been converted. I still get reports from places that I have been to several years ago that the fire is not only still burning, but is still spreading. The amount of souls that have been saved in the last 16 years numbers into the tens of thousands. Hundreds have been healed and delivered of all kinds of diseases and afflictions. And God has sparked this same faith in others to continue this ministry. The movement is replicating itself and beginning to spread like fire.

My deepest prayer is that this move toward revival will spread to us here in America. I believe that judgment is determined for America because of the murder of 50 million babies and our growing support for the most reprobate of perversions. We have not only supported homosexuality (which God says is worthy of death), but have elevated it to the status of bishops and pastors in the Church. But I plead for mercy that this fire of God in Africa would somehow catch here and that in the midst of judgment, there would also be mercy.