our beliefs


What We Believe

As so many post a Statement of Faith, let me say that naturally I believe in the basics of the Gospel.  Almost anyone can reiterate the tenets of Salvation, the Word of God, the Virgin Birth, redemption only through the Blood of Jesus Christ, and the Doxology without seeming too outrageous.  But what do they really believe?

Let me spell out some of the more specific things that I believe in.
If you disagree, you can always tell us why.  If you agree but need further clarification, you can always ask us why.

  • I believe in the Sinner’s Prayer because it really works.  Baptism by water is a necessary event after you have come to a place of repentance, but baptism by water alone is only the “answer of a good conscience toward God”.  You must repent and believe the Gospel and then be baptized.
  • I believe that Grace is not an excuse to sin, but the power that God gives you to overcome it. I believe in the chilling, awesome Fear of God that causes you to tremble before God, not the “awesome respect” that is popular today.
  • I believe that God holds us responsible for sin that we have committed after Salvation, even to the point that, if we continue in sin and consciously reject God’s Grace, we could lose our Salvation and end up in Hell.
  • The Grace of God is not an excuse to sin, but rather, the power that God gives us to overcome sin.

I believe that if you are in sin, you cut yourself off from God and He won’t listen to your prayers until you repent.

  • I believe we will go through the Great Tribulation, but I don’t believe the issue is worth getting into a debate over and losing sight of what our real focus should be on.
  • I believe we are in the Last Days of time, and that it is closer than we really think.
  • I believe that the Old Covenant was broken on the Cross.  All the Jewish festivals and ordinances were only foreshadowings to bring us to faith in Christ and those ordinances in the flesh were nailed to his Cross (Col. 2).  The observance of these things will never bring us into righteousness.
  • I believe there is a price to pay to walk in the Spirit of God.  It is not just a given because you believe that God exists.  You have to be doers of the Word.
  • I believe in the sufferings of the Body of Christ
  • I believe that real Christians are warriors who know how to storm the Throne of God in prayer, and to take a bold stand for the Truth — regardless of the consequences.
  • I believe Christians are commanded to give, not only in finances, but in prayer and witnessing.
  • I believe that very few will choose the narrow path, and most people will end up in Hell
  • I believe that theological scholasticism is a trick of the Devil going all the way back to the Garden of Eden when Eve chose the wrong tree.  Unfortunately, many of our Bible colleges and seminaries are based on it.
  • I believe that the Church is in the midst of one of the worst times of Apostasy it has ever been in, and doesn’t realize it.
  • I believe that the doctrine of Prosperity is a doctrine that will lead Christians down a path that leads away from the Cross.  We have a natural propensity to want to be blessed, but the Lord calls us to face our own death so that we can live through Him.
  • I believe in the Textus Receptus.  The others are based on corrupt texts stemming from Origen, leading through Constantine, and up to Wescott and Hort and do not travel the same path as the Textus Receptus.  (To see how the NIV compares, take our NIV Test)  Having said that, however, I do not believe that you can make a religion out of the King James Version.  It does not give you the moral high ground to make it your righteousness.  God can speak through the mouth of a jackass.
  • I believe that Christians are making a choice during these times as to whether they are satisfied with “church as usual”, or are hungry for something more.
  • I believe that all real moves of God are more of a form of rebellion for a new move of God, rather than a restoration or revival of something that is dead.
  • I believe there will be one last great revival, but it will not come through the churches, but will be through stones whom God will raise up.
  • I believe that everything boils down to reading and prayer — mixed with Faith and the Fear of God, which is what defines the Love of God.  Without it you can’t do anything, but with it you can overcome all things.
  • I believe in the Old Time Gospel.  It was good enough for Paul and Silas.

Is that enough to rattle some modernistic cages?  I hope so.