Revivalfire Ministries has been bringing a message of revival across Sub-Saharan Africa for the last 20 years. The original intent was to bring the message, set the churches on fire, and then go off to other fields to sow more seeds, but instead, we began to grow as a network. Last year, we finally registered as an NGO with 12 Districts in 9 countries.

The primary message that I have pressed upon these guys is that revival was about winning souls. They have carried that vision into their communities, and the results have been explosive. As an example, last year we won over 100,000 souls and saw hundreds of people healed of all sorts of diseases.

With this, however, comes the burden of raising finances. The primary need has always been Bibles. Most of the people we reach cannot afford to purchase their own Bible. In most places, a Bible costs $8 to $10. That’s a week’s wage. And that is IF you have a job.

There are all kinds of other expenses as well, and we need help.  We are hoping that you would take a look at these six fundraisers, choose one that you like to give to, and then pass on the links to your social media friends for them to get involved also.

These are the current fundraising campaigns we have for specific needs in those ministries.
  1. A Bakery for Widows and Orphans:

10 million people have died because of the warfare in eastern Congo, leaving millions homeless and destitute. Widows and orphans are everywhere and are desperate. Our women have started a bakery to provide bread for these widows to sell on the street and support themselves and their children. They needs help for their existing bakery and to set up other bakeries in other places.

  1. Prison Ministry in the Congo

The prisons in the Congo are rated the worst in the world. Prisoners die everyday because of the lack of food, water, and medical help. Our volunteers bring Light and a message of salvation to seven prisons across the Congo, even dragging a bathtub in to baptize souls in. In the intense darkness, the Light shines brightly and souls are flocking to the Cross.

They need help to bring food, medicine, and Bibles.

  1. Bibles for Revival in Liberia –(same as one below)

Our evangelists are winning so many souls in the rural counties of Liberia that they cannot keep up with the needs, like Bibles for the newly-saved souls who cannot afford them. They need help to meet the costs of transportation, food, meetings expenses, and the cost of building new churches in places where there are none.

  1. Medical Clinic in the Congo in Desperate Need


Twenty years of warfare in eastern Congo has left 10 million dead and many more devastated. One-third of the women have been brutalized, orphans are everywhere, and poverty and disease go unchecked. So, we started a medical clinic to help. We need medicine, equipment, and transportation.

  1. Bibles for Revival

Our biggest need is Bibles. Many of the thousands that have gotten saved cannot afford their own Bible. We need to not only win them to Christ, but also provide what they need to maintain their walk in God. At their most vulnerable time, they need the Word of God to sustain them.

  1. Radio Station in war-torn Congo

In this war-torn area, hope is hard to find and harder still to hold up for others. We have a radio station that is doing just that, reaching out to 2 million people with hope in Jesus Christ. Several ministries are reaching out into the darkness to minister through their broadcasts. Every month,  1,500 to 2,000 souls call in to get saved, and many others call in for prayer and counseling.

But the costs of fuel for the generator, government taxes, rent, equipment, and maintenance are causing them to cut back on broadcasting times.  Travel is difficult where roads are impassible from the mud and dangerous from the fighting, but the airwaves can still get the message through. But they need help to keep the station on.

Please visit our fundraisers and choose one that you feel a burden for. Then, please pass on this webpage to your friends so that them can spread the word.

Thank you so much,

Brother Dale