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Praise the Lord!  My name is Dale Garris.  
My family and I are dedicated to bringing forth the Gospel in that old-fashioned power of the Holy Ghost.  

The Body of Christ desperately needs a revival, but it will take the serious dedication of some real warriors to pay the price to bring it about.  That's the focus of our ministry.

I hope the Lord has touched you in some way in this website, and that your own personal torch has been lit.  Spread that fire -- it is the only Light in a very dark world, which is going to get a lot darker before it is over.

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 We'd love to hear from you.  Responses mean so much to us.  

You can contact us directly:

Dalen Garris

P.O. Box 822

Waxahachie, TX  75168

(972) 923-3284 home

(972) 935-8889 cell

Thanks for stopping by.  Keep looking up!


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