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From South Sudan

In life there are people whom when you meet, your life, plans, beliefs, vision, and mission change completely. There is something very  special that I can't explain that I found in your mission to South Sudan. Allow me to put it this way. The lord sent you to meet me.

May the God who saw me down in South Sudan and sent you to come to raise me to my feet make your day flow with peace, joy, and great care. Man of God, donít get tired of Africa now. You have what Africa is looking for.

God bless you mightily.

Pastor James Omondi,


From Uganda, kamanzi noah <>

Greetings Brother Dale, it was a huge blessing to have you during last year, and am always excited to share with you what God is doing.

TANZANIA Dar es salaam,
We visited this Country last year where we did conferences and Crusades in Dar es salaam, Musoma Arusha , and Moshi and by Lake Victoria.

Pastor Emanuel, mwakaruka is Man who organized a conference and a crusade in Dar es slam . The conference challenged the minds of Leaders who a attended the conferences. We handed them booklets of four steps to Revival, and hundreds of bibles into their hands and we prayed for them to go!

Pastor Mwakauka , did not keep this message alone, but He went with it, and organized more Leaders in Tanzania and shared it with them, He called last time asking for more booklets , but I could not tell you since I knew you had a lot to do with Nigeria.

Results from the Pastors in Dar es salaam:
Out of this challenging message, 7 Churches have been newly planted.  Many church leaders in Tanzania  who attended this conference have put up these practical  steps and their churches have been transformed by your testimony of what it was during those times of Revival.

I am excited to tell you that our strength was not in vain. This people got the message and began to run with it. Mwakaruka reported to me that last month after we left, they went and shared the message with the rest of other people. Out this movement 7 churches have been planted, and most of their churches have been revived.

MUSOMA, Pastor Peter, And Iddi Williams, plus their Bishop caught the fire, and they were also challenged. After we gave them hundreds of booklets, they have planted 20 churches in the villages.  When Pastors who attended the conference went and set the truth in their churches, now many souls are coming to the Lord.  It looks like as if they were waiting for this Message,

MOSHI,  People got the Message , but never ran with it  because we never had enough booklets.  According to the Pastor, they kept it unto themselves, and only worked for their church.  The Pastors were challenged and their church was set on fire, they report say that many souls are coming to lord.
Their cry is that we get more of these Teachings.

ARUSHA - We visited many churches, the church which was like an ice box turned out to be a great revival catalyst in Arusha. Many people are coming to this church than Never before.  Pastor Minja and his Pastor are going on visiting their villages sharing the Message.  Many churches are being planted and many souls are coming to the Lord!

Bujumbura we visited in many churches ,  and  hundreds of souls were coming to the Lord , but the Most important thing is that the churches were inspired by your testimony of How it was like during the times of Revival and the  four stapes booklets .
It was great for the hundreds of bibles and booklets we gave out this helped many churches to wittiness, which helped in many souls coming to the Lord.

Our several trips to Burundi Has lead a great revival in Burundi.  Pastor Domitiane , Pastor Rutaisire Eslone , menivam. Pastor Independence and many churches of Apostle Serukiza are all writing and excited telling people what God is doing their lives.
Two churches have been planted in Cibitoke, Under Pastor Independence. Pastor Domitiane has planted 5 churches in Muranvya, Bubanza , and Bujumbura outskirts.
Pastor SERUKIZA And other Pastors have got decision to reach the whole Bujumbura with the Gospel of peace.

Did also an outreach in Kigali and in villages of Rwanda sharing the same message of Revival, and holding conferences, where by many souls are come to the Lord in huge numbers.

Churches in Kigali were excited and revived, and they have taken this message they are now sharing it with other churches.
They are many church Plants which are going on in Rwanda, more especially in Nyagatale and Gitarama plus kibungo and Rukira.

The church which was being led by the woman filled up.  They are now under a pressure of constructing a new one because they cannot accommodate all the people now.

Was hugely blessed by this message because it found us when we were casting down the net, souls were no longer coming to the Lord, but this message was like a hope restorer.  We did a leaders conference which challenged most of the church Leaders. When they went and applied the four steps to revival everything changed.

Souls are coming to the Lord, 29 churches has been planted in this few months. A lot of souls are coming to the Lord like never before.

The Group of Pastors that meet here are excited and have expressed a need to carry this Gospel Hope to their fellow brothers.  They have set a team of leaders who are going on preaching the same message.  As I talk now they have felt a need to share this message with the pigmies in Mountain Rwenzori.  These are the people who have never been reached. In June I will be taking four steps to Revival to give to these Pastors there so that we can if it could be possible to have interpreted into their own language so that they can hear the Gospel of Hope also!

Though this people are trying so hard, there are some challenges that are ahead of them, which stops them from flowing well. 

Tanzania's are being challenged by lack of bibles supplies. People come to the Lord but they donít have anything to put into their hands to guide them.  They always call asking for the help of Booklets.

Some wants to plant churches but the problem is funds to buy land and construction. Those are a few of the challenges I have heard from them

But am so great full for your generous support that has helped in supporting conferences ,  buying of bibles , and printing of the booklets .  We are praying so had that the Lord will continue to bless you and provide for you so that we can have more Bibles especially for the poor people in Burundi who are so hungry for the Gospel of Hope.

Please I would like to ask you to pray for us as we are trying to help congregations whom have been moved to Uganda as refugees.  War is still going on so hard in the Congo, many people are dying, kids and women are being raped.  this new refugees that has been brought here have nothing to eat, to feed their kids , we went yesterday to help some kids to come to our school but this was too much.  Lives are dying here.

Buses are still bringing this people and dumping them in the settlement.  We would like help by building homes of Hope as Christians, to help our brothers who are running for their lives.  $100 can build a house for the family.  Me and my wife can only do so much, but itís just me.  We felt that we need to come here and be with these brothers and sisters of ours and cry with them, and encourage them in the Lord.  Life here is tough. Please sir, pray for the Congolese!

I love you my dear brother, the need for the Gospel is still strong.  Revival will be the only solution that will raise people up to share the Gospel Hope so that lives will be transformed for God's glory. I love you and I look forward to hearing from you soon in His love and prayers Brother Noah.

Shalom and Calvary greetings from Monrovia, Liberia, Africa's oldest republic. 
We want to bless the Lord for your life and ministry both national and international and especially your soul-winning radio broadcast on Worship 101.7 FM in Liberia called Fire in the Hole. Lives are being saved and testimonies from all over. We pray that someday you will visit Liberia for a Crusade and Ministers and Pastors Seminar for a nation from 14 years bloody civil war.

Billy Paul,,  Liberia

Hello brother Dalen,
Thank you for allowing God to use you to change our life, church and community.
We have five weeks now for prayer and asking God for Revival. I can see now where are we going. Brother before I was blind, empty, zero, but now I can see small fire, moving of the holly spirit.
Thank you for the connection to your Pastors. We love you so much, and we still praying to you every day.
Asante Sana{Thank you}
 Pastor Pantaleo J. Shao, Tanzania

Hello brother Dale I am so grateful to hear from you, great man of God. I was so busy for my daughterís wedding. And since you left we have service in the church every night and God is there and we have 6 or 7 souls giving their life to Jesus every day. Now we have more new faces daily in the meetings. Praise the Lord so much for what he is doing here wonderful miracles. God bless you.

 Amana Minja, Tanzania

Shalom brother dale, I want to tell you that I believe you are a messenger from the Lord. I have personally been transformed by the short time I spent with you as your interpreter. Now I have a revived heart and a conscious of the short time that remains before the return of the Lord. Youíve helped me understood many prophesies concerning the revival especially the book of Joel. Last week I was privileged to interpret in an open air crusade in the country in a place full of Muslims and I have seen 12760 people give their life to Christ and others healed others delivered.

you cannot imagine the impact in our church, not only after you have left we had one week of fasting and prayer in order to repent and seek the face of God, but also last month we had also 3 days of prayer and fasting and the result is that a new hunger to win the lost has risen in the hearts. Last week only in our section (almost 100 people) we went out  2 by 2 and we brought many to Christ we will make an evaluation to know the exact number, but thanks be to God for your coming. As you use to say if you keep doing the same thing you will always have the same result (sincerely I had problem translating it in Kirundi because there was no equivalent in Kirundi) I miss you so much. 

Armel Cimanishatse,  Burundi

    To, Dale .Receive warm greeting from Tanzania, hoping that you are well in the Lord with your family .also do us, in Christ Jesus who is our Lord and Savior. The Church also is going well .We have been seeing the mighty hand of God moving in the church since you left us with burning fire .We have started evangelistic group who are walking door to door evangelism and doing also crusades in the markets and around the lake Victoria to the People who are living near Lake Victoria under Pst Lawrence.J.Owiso my assistant. Pray for these groups (youth and Women group) Evangelism group. There is fire upon them (you lighted it upon the church).

            Yours in the Lord REV Raphael and PST Lawrence Owiso, Tanzania

Hi! Bro.Dale,
 I have been reading lots of your messages by Revival fire Ministries. Please be informed that though you don't know me, your ministry and service to the Lord knows me by Heavenly record.
Am in Kenya and have begun sharing the same messages to my friends in the U.K. they are equally blessed.
Am a Kenyan by birth and am praying and longing for that revival hour where the Star for Kenya and Africa as whole shall rise to reality, I want behold that Glory of God to the world by the African continent.
Please you are welcome to Kenya in this season and be part of what God is doing in Kenya for the World.
Keep it up and be blessed. Amen.
Pastor Gabriel Wakoli

Hullo Pastor Dale, how are you, I wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy new year. We have been praying for you, in every stapes me and my wife plus the ministry intercessor has been lifting you to God with our prayers in all your travelings . Noah has been updating us.

Am so blessed for the work you have done in Africa, especially in our ministry. From the time you left us, we started where you stopped. Those booklets have been of great help. They reminded me of things we used to do. praying so had for the Lost. praying for the an opportunity to preach the Gospel ,street evangelism ,crusade evangelism ,open air. exactly the way you written them down. Thanks for helping with translation, this going to help as many people as possible more especially those in the villages where illiteracy problem is so big.

We have planned a big gathering where we are expecting 1000 people, all my ministry churches are going to be there in all districts, and all denominations are going to be there, praying and fasting and repenting of all we have failed to do in this whole year. We shall start 29 up to 31st when we shall be entering into a new year with a new level we had asked Noah if he could ask you to come but He told us that you have a lot do in this month of January February, we are praying asking if could have 1500 booklets this could be a great blessing and a seed to this People as they recommit themselves to pray so that the whole will be set on fire for God.

Otherwise I thank you so much! for the booklets and bibles you gave to my ministry ,it has done a great work. Many leaders have gone back to praying and fasting, which has increased church in numbers. Life has come back to church. Am so thankful ! This could not have happened if it was not by you. But your testimony of how it was like encouraged the young ministers and challenged them to seek for more...
The first time you come you visited Seriano in ishaka , His church has been enlarged, from that trip they went with that strength and preached the Gospel so far , in two yearsí time , they planted 4 churches ,in different a areas.
You visited my daughterís church, Ruth, and planted that seed. This people did not do many outreaches but they turned that hill into a place of prayer which turned this hill upside down. In few months the church was full many people were getting saved, and they had no room to go. See what happened .they decided to plant a branch church. Not only that place, even down in the Bush where you went, people are still praying and begging me to ask Noah if He could kindly bring you back. The message about the strong army in the book of Joel did a great work. This people had no unity. But when they had that they are the army that the God is raising from there, Pastors have been working together. They broke their barriers which were hindering them from eating and working together and this has brought a great shaking . God has revived his people we have not stopped but we are still praying and fasting looking for word like David. Praying that Lord thou shalt revive us that your people will rejoice.
God bless you Thank you for granting our request. Youíre a lot in our prayers.

Bishop Kamanzi Elijah, Uganda


Itís my prayer to God that he make a way that you come back again to Tanzania soon

Greetings to the beloved

Apostle Patrick Mbota,

Praise the Lord, Pastor, I love your message, it encourages many who understand it. Thanks for knowing that you are a chosen vessel of God Acts:9:15.

I am also happy to inform you that I have started working hard to see that we get a better and bigger place where you will carry out the conference from when you come to Rwanda, I have worked together with my pastor friend and we are getting a Church which can accommodate 800 people. I believe that it can serve the purpose.  So I remain waiting to hear from you about the whole program so that I can confirm with the owner of the premises and even to know what it will take us for the venue and the days we shall finish in the place.

God bless you

Pr. Mauku K. Robert, Miracle World ministries (MWM), Kigali Rwanda,

Praise the Lord Br Dale.

This is Pastor Ngabirano Gad from Christ witness church Kihihi Kanungu Uganda. I write this to say thank you very much for a visit you paid to us in March 2011We were surely blessed by your visit. It has brought tremendous growth of the church. We continue to say that we are grateful to God for your ministry because it brought an impact to our church. We request you to come and visit us again.

Ngabirano Gad <

Greetings Man of God,
I arrived in Rwanda real well.  The kids welcomed me with a huge well come and a great excitement, they have formed a group that is called, a Gideon Generations.
They liked the teachings, not just to be excited, but they have formed real reading groups at their university, a day of Wednesday is a day for them to pray and fast for revival.
From the very time we left the Gideon generation group, have visited one University in Kigali , where they have asked me to go today and visit the kids there. I have given all the books to all this kids. I had 200 booklets left in Uganda that I had reserved for the conference that we are planning at the end of December. But I cannot keep this book any more. I have to ask Diana to bring them to Rwanda, so that we give them these kids up here. if the Lord will provide more books for the December people in Uganda ,praise the lord if not  I don't care ,better to support where God is right at work , slowly, slowly the campus is turning to Christian college. You touched few; few touched many. Praise the Lord.
Dale Am so excited, and am too much happy, am tempted to say that may be this kids are the ones that are going to bring this revival in the whole of this country!!!!

It has not started in churches it is in the University here in Rwanda, these guys can call out for revival!!! I wish you are here. The Lord has put a supernatural grace upon this kids that you cannot imagine.

I tell you what this kids have really charged me. My Camera does not work real well but I will just send some of the pics no matter the way they are not real good. Dale am so excited for the Lord ,for the way He lead  you to put this few points ,of four stapes to revival, Kids got it and they are running without stop ,taking this message up to the ends of the Earth. One young Man come and told me that the reason why they had fired their Anglican leader  is that He abused them that He will ask the Lord to put a speed limit ,haaahaa, Do you know the speed limit they put in Vehicles?, they had left their concentration on books and diverted them self on praying, preaching singing enjoying the out pouring of the Holy spirit!!. Pour it more God!!!! haa haaa, i like this too, JESUS!!! Bring such joy and excitement in Uganda, !!!!!oh God.
My message is  funny just because these kids have blown my mind. Praise the Lord your efforts are not in Vain, your prayers, your finances, your hard working, and the sacrifice you put up for this revival, is honorable before the Lord. The salvation and the transformation of these kids come because of your obedience. Do you know why I want to keep going? Itís because of seeing such things like that are happening. Let me stop here.  I will keep updating you as long as am still here. I love u my dear brother. Please send my love to sister Cindy for allowing you to come and bless us. Even to the brothers and sisters and your church that keep behind praying for you when you are out here. Their prayers have helped us to up and keep going.
Talk to you later Baba. Love you Sir Brother Noah
kamanzi noah

Praise the Lord man of God, how are you and the family at large. I am Pastor Mauku Kibbuta Robert senior pastor of Miracle World Ministries, (MWM) Kigali Rwanda. I met you twice while in a conference at a certain Church a felt the calling of sharing working with you. It was a great message you gave us and I personally was blessed. I did not have enough time to talk to you because they were taking you in vehicle but I thank God found your small book about the Four steps to Revival and I got your email. I am so happy to write to you while asking for your direct divine connection. When I read your book, I found out that God sent you for me in Rwanda in order to learn, work, cooperate, love, share together the four steps/ principles of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Rwandan people and the rest of the world. I pray that may the almighty God bless you as you prepare for your next level. I remain your hoping to work with you in spreading the Gospel of the Four Steps to Revival.

Yours brother in Christ

Pr. Robert K. Mauku

Miracle World Ministries, Kigali Rwanda, 

(Also on facebook) Ė mauku Robert

Dear Brother Dale,

Frustrated though you might feel, take courage and know that He who sent you knows what you are able to accomplish. I was thrown out of a mainstream church because they felt uncomfortable with the uncompromising messages that I kept on giving and attacking the establishment which had become too complaisant.

Remember the frustrations that the prophets Elijah, Elisha and Jeremiah faced! They did not give up, but they continued with the hard hitting messages, and pronounced Yahweh's judgment on the unrepentant Nation of Israel. Neither shall we.

You are not alone in this situation. Those that the Lord has called and sent, their eyes are open and can see the vastness of the Field that needs to be harvested laying before them. In this, my brother, my heart goes with you. Let us pray that Lord of the Harvest may send in more workers.

I am also praying that the Lord may Provide an opportunity for us to meet. Kindly arrange when you visit Nairobi Next time for us to meet and arrange on how you can come and preach in our church. Amen and Amen 

             God bless you abundantly.  Your friend in Christ Jesus,

Pastor John J. Mdoga, Kenya

I love it. U speak the truth and u tell it like it is. Boy I canít wait for America to get that feeling.... Revival.....

Cindi Mcginn,

DEAR brother Dale.
   My  full name is Pastor  Anderecus  Owajwa   I am staying  in Nyamusi Village,Goribe Location,  Rorya District, Mara Province,  Tanzania.
   The names of our 6 Churches is  1.Nyamusi Church  village Rorya District,  2. Changuge Church village Rorya District,  3. Kogaja Church  village Rorya District,   4. Buturi Kagecha  Church village Rorya District,  5. Kamot Church Village   Rorya District,  6.Chabnyonyi Church  village  Rorya District. 
  This is my Clear information.  Through  our Prayer  we ask you  to come to  Revival us  and I hope we are going to change through your Revival of Fire, and I hope many people repent and come direct through our God.
 We are waiting for your programs for you to come. Through our vision and your vision we are going to do many miracles   and many Revivals.  we  know you are not a bishop, but  the word  God gave for you  is going to Bless  many peoples  like us  and our country.    Let us pray for you every Day that One Day God let you in our country to come and to teach us.
      Feel free to tell us the good month you see and we are ready to put all through the Hand of God and I know God is Faith full for everything we ask through your name and ask. be ready to tell us more  things  and we are ready to set for you a big Revival with different ministries, church and  all of our 6 churches .

A couple of times during our conversations recently you said you are not one of deep thought.
Along those lines, as you know, when the Lord starts pouring out his Word from you, it is anointed and full of the revelation of Jesus Christ. It reminds me of the earth that has been broken and fertilized and watered. When the time comes for fruit it is plenteous and wonderful. A blessing to all that taste its goodness.

It is this fertility that preachers want, but it is a fertility hat cannot attained without years of working the soil. Then when it is time it just seems natural and simple. I am sure that the fruit tree does not consider it hard to bring forth fruit. What was hard was breaking the soil, being one with the dung heap, and having the branches cut with the pruning knife. What is not seen by those who may want to imitate is the years that the Husbandman has spent preparation.

Just thought you might like that.
your brother, Tom



I cannot quantify the extent to which your ministry has blessed me and the people in our church. It is just so great to measure. People are getting lifted spiritually and above all, we have finally started meeting together every weekend just to pray for you and your ministry. Kindly send me several copies of your books, CDs and MP3 to share with other pastors in Kenya.
We are very grateful to the work you are doing to glorify the body of Christ. I kindly therefore take this opportunity to request some of your gospel materials to be used in teaching our pastors in Kenya. God bless you as you prepare to send those books.
Yours for the master.

Pastor John Oboyo Njoni
Hope Restoration Church,  Eldoret 30112  Kenya, East Africa

 We have been edified and challenged and rekindled spiritually with your awesome teachings and contents in your website. Your Church and Ministry are truly from God's heart. We therefore would love to invite you to visit with us and with our congregations  in the outskirt of Migori town of Kenya for a speaking engagement in God's time and season. We wholeheartedly believe your doctrine......... come and teach and preach in every one of our Churches around. I am also very willing to take you to other countries in the continent of Africa to preach this Christ........ Malawi,Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania and etc. The doors for the gospel in Africa are wide opened for you. Pastor Martin

First of all i greet you in the name of Jesus, we crossed the new year well and we are fine ,i have started to plan for you to come to Kenya ,for you to come and teach Maasai pastors,because God has given me a burden for Maasai leaders in preparation for the next coming revival,i am remembering your sermon last year about you see small burning bush exploring and spreading and i know God has not  finish with you for  Maasais.
where i have arranged the meetings for the pastors and leaders will be interior parts of maasai land some where called KUMPA,after the meetings we  will go to NAMANGA, LOITOKTOK, ELASIT,AND ENKORRIEN and other parts ,God bless you when preparing to come Kenya for the great mission for Maasai,God will have put the burden in you for the sake of Maasai's, What is your vision for Maaasai for this year 2010?
I am waiting for the day that God will have given you to come to Kenya.
your in th Lord ,  Rev. M.SAMPAO

Praise  the  name  of  God  it  has  been   along  time  since  we   talk , the entire   church  is  fine   and  we  are  not  going   to  forget  the  fire  you  lit  in  us , we   believe  the  God  who  started  this  journey  has  to  plan  for  us  well. The  number  is   increasing  and also missions  are  increasing, my  focus  this  year  is  targeting  upcountry  were  people  are  drinking  like fish ,but I know the   anointing  of  the  Holy  Ghost  will  change  that  area. Our  Mighty  God  who  knows  how  to  take  care  of  all things is  directing  us  to  have  a crusade and also seminar  in  the  month  of  December 2010.Am  praying for  you to  get  a  chance  to  speak  to  the kisumu Rarieda people.

God  bless you  while  you  prepare.
Regards,  Bishop,MOFFAT

Dear Rev. Dale Garris,

Greetings to you in the perfect name of dear Lord Jesus Christ. We hope that the new is very promising and The Lord is gonna revived us again.

We acknowledge the receipt of the PARCEL YOU SENT TO US (50 booklets Revival Starter Package, 6 audio CD's on revival, along with mp3's and two books on Revival).

They are a real blessing to our Ministry. We love the beautiful article written by you. What really touched our heart was salt of the earth. It was amazing and powerful message.Ē Below are some extracts from the book entitle ďFire in the HolyĒ -

"Sometimes, life gets in the way and we tend to drift away and fall into a rhythm of church or usual. Attitude of Revival, Rachelís Cry Ė Give me children or else I will die (Gen. 30:1)

"The word of God has to be received and prophesy has to be revealed.

"Revival does not come cheapĒ. There has to be such a heartfelt desire for the lost that we become willing to pay whatever price is necessary. If you donít have that deep overwhelming burden, you wonít preserve.

"Desperate Prayer Ė it is said that prayer changes things. One of the things it changes is the person thatís doing the praying. A deep prayer changes you deeply etc.

These are most powerful words and word need for this season and end time.

 My ministry is tremendously blessed to receive your books. We have also been experiencing outpouring of the fire of the Holy Spirit in our Ministry.

Yes you are very needed here to share your experience of Revival deposited in you to Wind of change Power Ministries. We would like to use this opportunity to invite you here to Ghana for a program. We are prepared to host you for 4 day program. We are raising money that can take care of your airfare, accommodation and food. We would like you to prayerful think about it and give us a response quickly.


We would like to read from you very soon. We wish you Godís strength and blessings in the coming year.

With love and prayers through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Yours Brother,

McCarl Cudjoe  (For Evangelist Edmond Tindabil)

Subject: need revival

greetings dear DALE, am great full to have found you on the web site, truly we need the former revival of the power in the bible.

please i would like to ask you if you could pray and see if you could help. Bring revival conference in our land Uganda. with love Pastor Kamanzi Noah

We can not wait to receive the full package. God bless you greatly for the good work your ministry is doing to support the work of God in Africa and every part of the globe.  We would also like to know if you have any vision for the work of GOD in Ghana. It is our wish and heart desire to invite you here for a program Next year. Please let us know you schedules for next year.
We would continue to support you in prayer  so that the Lord God will strengthen you and fill you with the anointing for impartation throughout the year.
With Love and prayers through Jesus Christ our Lord

Dear Rev Dale Garris,

I acknowledge delivery or receipt of your two book entitle Fours Step to Revival. The books has been a tremendous blessing to my Ministry. GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU!  We would be most grateful if you can send 10 additional copies for ten pastors operating under Wind of Change Power Ministry.  Additionally, it would be our greatest joy to receive  boxes of 50 booklets along with our Revival Starter Package (6 audio CD's on revival), along with mp3's  for our church in Ghana.

To your information, Wind of change Power Ministry is transforming live of thousands Ghanaian. We intend to reach every part of the country.  We hope with your support through books, DVD MATERIALS we will be encouraged to reach unreach in the end time.

Brother Edmond Tindabil

Praise the Lord pastor! thanks a lot for your concern am really grateful. Well thank you for your email again. I totally agree that we should continue praying until God speaks to our hearts and minds that we should be ultimately be prepared for the REVIVAL. Truly we as Tanzanians we are praying without ceasing that God does prepare our hearts for the revival.
Pastor, we do need the booklets but i was wondering if they are only published in English and that might cause a problem since our national language in Tanzania is Swahili. Its the language most of as are conversant with. so if you have copies of the booklet in Swahili that could be extremely better!
But if still, you don't have copies in Swahili, you can send us copies of the booklet anyway.
I would like 100 copies please  for a start if that's convenient with you. you can send them via this address please.

Pastor Iddi Williams

I continually pray for you that all that we are asking God may surely come to pass. It takes a lot of money to communicate to you over the internet and am still doing it because i strongly believe that its the Lord that brought us together.
Pastor, i have a burning desire to own my own computer in this part of the world and am inviting you to stand with me in prayers to ask God to provide me with one so that i can communicate with you easily because I believe strongly in your Ministry of revival.
Do not be afraid, brother Dale. I will stand with you in prayer because the Lord chose you for the world. please read Isaiah 42 and43.God bless you so much.

Hi, Pastor Garris,

Thanks very much for a box of 50 booklets with cds which we received the previous day from you.  Your cd messages are awesome. We would like to always keep in touch with you and that you do the same with us for the sake of spreading the gospel of our Lord and God Jesus Christ our saviour.

God bless you and we say, you are very much welcomed to Bungoma Kenya to speak the word of God to my congregations over here. We gave to my people the booklets from you and they have said thanks very much for your love for their souls. They are also watching and listening to your wonderful teachings in the cds.

Man of God ,
Thank you so much for the sacrifice you have made, it is not because i was worthy it is just by the grace of God, and God knows that i long to see revival especially in Africa. i promise that i will be faithfull to God and to you i know that you are a prophet and one day you will be happy to see your vision and your desire come true. I love you man of God and i promise you one day you will be happy to see your dream come true,
Your son
Pastor bonny

Greetings in the lord got a testimony from  Kiringoya , of how the lord is doing. People are on fire for the gospel.  The pastor said thank you for the  message. It has brought a great change in the church.  He talked abut also the people that got healed when you prayed for them.  They say when are coming back?

also bishop Maine said thanks for the preachings and the messages.  It has brought changes in the church.
have a blessed day greet all.
Pastor Kibedi