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Poor Rhoda - believe what you pray for
The Witch at Endor
The Church at Ephesus - warnings for the church
Victory in Babylon - the responsibilities of prayer are beyond what you can see
I'm Outta Here!
- no longer hanging out at the Pool of Bethesda
You'll Never See the Righteous Begging Bread  - con artists in the church
Walking and Mincing as They Go - a picture of modern Churchianity
The Desert Before His Coming
- just like the spiritual desert before the first Easter 
Broken at the Cross
- an Easter message you won't likely find in church
 Thou Shalt Not Seethe a Kid in its Mother's Milk
- the essence of the righteousness of God
Go To Bethel  - finding your calling in God
Him Crucified - the entire Gospel in one phrase
Power and Authority - the secret on how to get it
Blind Bartimaeus - The message of Salvation
Woe Is Me - Finding faith in the belly of a whale
The Tale of the Three Little Pigs
A pound of Spikenard - the meaning of true worship
The Great Whore - What does the Bible say about her?
The Lone Prophet
Jeremiah faced the same thing we are facing today
A New Cloth - why we've seen no moving of the Spirit for years.
The Anointing of His Testimony
His testimony is the presence of the Spirit of God
To Bray a Fool in a Mortar -
some people just dont want to believe
Polluted Offerings
the state of our churches according to Malachi
Cast Out the Bondwoman
Torah-based Faith nullifies the Blood of Christ
Mary Pondered - what it took to be the mother of Jesus
The King's Cupbearer
the fight to build the kingdom of God
Warning to Titus
the doctrine of Prosperity leads away from the Cross
Mount Sinai (mp3)
The Price of Power
its not what you think it will be (mp3)
Defending the Sinners Prayer (15 minutes)
- why this simple prayer really works 
You need Real Audio G2 to listen. download it from  Real Networks, 
A Wind in the Mulberry Trees
the importance of being led by the Spirit

The Mantle of Elijah
why are prophets not honored in their own country?

A Test of the Law
the real meaning of Grace


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